It was a fun journey. Lots of friends lots of memories. It's sad things ended the way they did and egos were more important than friendship to others, but i dont regret one second. Ill never forget the gigs, the late production nights, the small moments of triumph though insignificant to "the greater scene" they were big to me, to us. And most I wont forget the many adventures best friends endure together. Right now i cant tell you if ill keep the door open but i can tell you that you will reamin in my heart. I dont think we ever got noticed or made any real fans but if we did thank you for the support you gave. I apologize for this but by closing this chapter in my life i can now move on to greater things...I will continue to maintain the soundcloud and if i can get some more income ill pay for some months to give access to all the tracks. You can follow me and my comics on facebook, just search Friends In Square Places or International Horror Association.